Our Livermore housing levels may be returning to “normal”…but the process for actually viewing homes in person is well….not so normal.

Buyers can still easily search and find homes online, but with no open houses…getting inside to take a look around can be more of a challenge.

Not so, if you’re working with a local market expert. Your Realtor should be able to provide you with up to the minute info regarding new homes hitting the market…as well as homes that are coming soon.

Once you’ve selected a home you’d like to see, your Realtor will make an appointment, send you the PEAD form to sign (this is the property entry and advisory declaration), and send the listing agent your signed PEAD, as well as your pre-approval letter in most cases.

So to review…seeing homes can be easy, and can feel somewhat normal if you know what to expect and what the process includes:

  1. a local Realtor
  2. a signed PEAD form
  3. your pre-approval ready to go!

For questions about buying or selling homes in Livermore, call Nicole & Robyn: 925.580.2260.

Nicole Nicolay

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