If you’re a buyer we want to make sure you’re well equipped to gather as much info about a home as possible.

One of the best ways to be informed and learn about a home is through the inspection process. If you’re a home buyer, we always suggest you start with 3 key inspections. If you’re a seller, we suggest you perform these key inspections prior to listing your home. They include:

The HOME Inspection
covers basically everything about the home and reports it’s working condition. From checking under the house, up in the attic, and everything in between. This inspector is like your general practitioner.

The PEST Inspection – covers all termite, fungus, dry rot issues that may be discovered on the property. This inspector investigates the overall structural health of the home, he or she is like your orthopedic surgeon.

The ROOF Inspection – will give you an idea of how old the roof is, what condition it’s in, how much life is left, and if any repairs are needed. This inspector makes sure that your home is protected from all the elements, and is like your dermatologist.

Once the inspections are complete, you’ll be provided with reports and can go over them in detail with your Realtor. If you’re a buyer, you can determine what repairs you’d like to make, if any.

If you’re a seller, completing inspections as you prepare to sell provides a greater transparency up front about your home. And by doing this, buyers feel informed and prepared when making an offer.

If you have more questions about buying or selling your home during this crisis…give Nicole Nicolay and Robyn Annicchero a call 925.580.2260.

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