Nobody has a crystal ball to know exactly what to EXPECT from the 2019 real estate market. We have been experiencing a very fast paced market, with low inventory and a surplus of buyers.

All signs are pointing to a slower paced market. That doesn’t mean our sprint is turning into a snails pace…just more of a steady jog.

So as we enter into what we are calling a transitional market….we are sitting down with our clients to give them a greater awareness of this current market as it’s happening…and we are helping both our sellers and buyers adjust their expectations.

So what does that mean for you?

Well if you are selling, it’s not only important to prep and stage your home but proper price and a professional marketing strategy are the keys to lessening your time on market and attracting qualified buyers.

If you are planning to buy, know that it’s not yet a flash sale, but it is a good time to buy. And it’s imperative to have an agent working for you who truly knows the local market, all the neighborhoods and amenities, and who is both willing to answer all your questions, as well as negotiate on your behalf.

So if you have questions about selling, buying or both, and what to expect from the 2019 Real Estate market, send us an email at Homes@LoveLivermore.com,

Nicole Nicolay

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